Bridging the Centuries: History of Chinese Americans in Southern California
Edited by Susie Ling

“With Bridging the Centuries: History of Chinese Americans in Southern California, the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (CHSSC) has an important and inspiring book. It is the first that I’ve seen to look at all of the Chinese American settlements in Southern California – from Santa Barbara south to San Diego, from downtown Los Angeles east to Riverside, and everything in between – while tracing the evolution of the oldest communities to the newest incarnations in the San Gabriel Valley. This history is supplemented by wonderful stories of the famous and infamous, as well as the stories of the everyday people who have made America their home. in their words, history comes alive; these are real people with real stories to tell. Finally, Bridging the Centuries doesn’t just look at the distant past and early pioneers. It also looks at today’s pioneers – those Chinese Americans who are making great contributions to the city, the state and the nation. Congratulations to the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California for honoring our history and making it come alive.”

-Lisa See, author, On Gold Mountain

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