2012 – Vol.34 No.1 Chinese Huck Finn to the Voice of Activism: Irvin Lai




2012 – Vol. 34 No. 1 
Chinese Huck Finn to the Voice of Activism: Irvin Lai 
Contributing writers include: Eugene Moy, Hon. Mike Eng, Hon.Lucille Roybal-Allard, William Gow, Suellen Cheng, Susan Dickson, Dr. Munson Kwok, Nancy Gee, Dr. William Chun-Hoon, Stewart Kwoh, Randall Bloch 

The 2012 Gum Saan Journal is dedicated to Irvin Lai, our past president. He was a prominent community leader, church elder, civil rights activist, and family man. Irvin lived during a time of change for Chinese Americans. The issue could easily be named the Life and Times of Irvin Lai. Through excerpts of several interviews with Irvin, we learn of his life in Locke, CA, his life in L.A. in the 1940s, and his life in the service during WWII and the Korean War. Also, prominent community members share their remembrances of Irvin’s impact on them and on historical events. The final section includes articles detailing Irvin’s leadership in the community and in his church.

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Gum Saan Journal is an annual publication. It solicits manuscripts that explore the historical, cultural, and humanistic aspects of Chinese American experiences, particularly relating to Southern California, as well as contemporary issues of relevance to the Chinese American community. Manuscripts should be approximately 3,000 words in length. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any copyrighted materials used in your article.

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